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the new year

STEPHANIE’S HERE!!!!!!!! =D Her and her big sis Jeanette have been busy working on the set of this Bollywood film, Anjaana/Anjaani. We did a lot of catching up. We interned at Disney World together back in 2005! The last time I saw her was on my 21st birthday. She’s all the way from S.F., so it’s been a real treat hanging with her =)

I worked on this piece for “The Art Show Formerly Known as Deck the Walls” – which by the way, was super fun =)

We all hung out before the art show and ran into some good friends…

Soon, everyone showed up and went straight to work. Setting up went a lot smoother this last year and the space turned out looking great!

Stephanie with my piece =)


These are great… And SEXUAL too, right?? Hahaha

Even Simon showed up! … haha, SORTAAA

It was a lot of fun.. and my first time NOT showing a “Rosie” piece. I was alittle nervous, but got a lot of great reactions. I’m happy I chose to change it up a bit. Later that week, my label-maker came in! … It’s not one of those computer ones either – I really dig the “old school” style so much more. I needed them to make cards for the blog =) Just something I did one day to keep myself busy…

Here’s another piece I’ve been working on… My paintings/drawings are very simple and very “cute” but they also do come from a very REAL part of me. I drew this the night Mago’s mom passed away… Mago is like a mother to me and it was heartbreaking watching her heart breaking for her mother. She can finally rest and I know she is in a much better and peaceful place now.

Putting this one on my Etsy…

“I need COFFEE.”

Terry and I went to Red Lobster LOL – not sure why I find that completely hilarious/why I’m sharing… but it was mm-mm good!!!

We also went to visit Stephanie on the set…

FAX ME” is my favorite one 😉

Stephanie made me try this Indian dessert, it was SO sweet… Kinda’ like a doughnut (not “donut“)… soaked in sugar …for days!

Terry is all about spicy food… and Indian food is mad spicy!

This Saturday I went to Opening Ceremony to pick up a copy of Twin Magazine. Tom Allen shot me a while back on the Milk Studios roof. The photos in here are all really great. If you get a chance, check it out!

They wrapped the book in this and of course, we found it fascinating…

Jeanette had suggested Stephanie make friends with the dude down the hall. We went over there and invited him to hang with us since he was all the way from London and had no friends =(

He was cool. Afterwards, Steph and I headed back into Jersey

For All Hell Breaks Loose where Terry (yrbrainondrugs) was DJing for the first time! We got there super early, but it got packed VERY quickly.

Unfortunately, the cops broke up the party by 1am (WOMP WOMP). It was so much fun though! So many awesome friends showed up to the party. It was such a great turn-out and believe me, they’ll be cooking up another party real soon! Seriously. Mad beautiful faces! ❤ ❤ We decided to continue with the festivities at Mike (DJ Jesus Himself) and Alexandra's place.

Always fun and always a jam session!

Ended the night with some Malibu Diner creation?

Well, that’s my 2010 so far! TTYL =)