Erés un Milagros

I remember telling my mom a couple years back that if anything were to happen to Mago, I would be really devastated. We both got teary-eyed at the thought of losing her, but back then it was so far-fetched… We were going to have her with us for a long time. Well, on October 1st Mago left us… My family and I are more devastated than ever. Milagros Dilone was only 68 years old when she passed away. She was so much more than just our nanny since I was 6 months old. She helped raise my brothers and I while living in our home and unlike most nannies, she never left us. She was part of our family. Mago lived with us until the day she died. After my brothers and I were old enough to take care of ourselves, Mago helped to take care of our other 30+ cousins in my giant family. She was such a dear, loving person. I miss waking up and seeing her smiling face. I miss the smell of her coffee filling my house every morning. I miss her yelling at my cat and when she called me by my nickname- Cacata (which means tarantula in Spanish. She called me that because of my curly hair) She had nicknames for everyone. I miss her telling us the same stories from when we were toddlers. I miss her sticking her tongue out at me to be silly when I would come up our stairs to our door and saw her in the window. I miss her so much… I took this photo the day before she had her stroke. We had a beautiful moment that day and I’m so glad I had a chance to tell her how much she means to me.


These are the most recent photos I have of Mago… (Ha, we called her Mago since we were babies because Milagros was too hard for us to say. Milagros means Miracle in Spanish..)






I’ve never been so heart-broken, but I believe she is now watching over us more comfortably. Rest in peace, Magito ❤

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