Octopus victory dance

I cant sleep. I also cant stop thinking about this dream I had about a week ago…

I was trespassing through a haunted house with friends. We were walking in the yard and there was a decent-sized lake behind it. It was during the day.. when all of a sudden one of the guys with us stood very close to the water. His nose was literally a breath away from the surface. He had shaggy blonde hair, he looked sort of familiar. In the water, was an octopus and it was coming at him at full speed. Up right at his face! At the last second, the guy turned his head to look at us. We were all yelling for him to get away from the water, to move, watch out. It wrapped its arms around him and took him under, he didnt even fight back. As the octopus sank back in as quickly as it came up. I was covering my mouth. Then I realized it was coming back up? Someone next to me whispered, This is its victory dance. And it came soaring and see-sawing out of the water, kind of like a whale would.. its head all heavy, he couldnt even hold it up- it swung, it splashed around all its sticky arms and flopped, then zoomed back into the deep…

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