Why is that cop dressed as a piggy bank?

Before going to Vegas, I had a Puma commercial shoot…


I missed my friends (And my cat too, of course)! St Patrick’s Day was super fun =)

The next day, I met up with Tatiana at Prospect Park for a picnic..


We had dinner at this amazing Cuban spot in Park Slope..

Later that night…

Bruisin’ mad hard bruh!

Love you Marc!!!

The next day…

I HAD to grab this for Gavin. It was practically made for him. Shouts to Stoops GNAR!

That night, I went to see Anstantanople and Ninety Six play in Kearny… Great show, good times!

After the show, it was time to dance under the BIG MOOOOON, so naturally Donna had a bonfire at her place…

These krazy katz…

Of course, I had to check on the teepee… still kickin! ;D

Donna’s bat Bartholomuel

On Sunday was Laura Alexander‘s opening for The Rosemary Series…

Hahaha it’s pretty crazy seeing these huge paintings of my face next to each other! Laura is an amazing painter and a totally amazing person as well ❤

I had a great time =)

After the show, we went over to the Anstantanople studio…

“Look Mom! Mad steeeeez!”

..Met up with Gavin after the Levi’s promo I did with Zach on Tuesday. I had to give him the Tropical Pigeon chain!

See ya at Dirty Birds 2 tonight!!!

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