I was in Vegas last weekend for my cousin Irene’s Bachelorette Party!

We were determined to fill Day 1 with as much fun as possible, but first we had to recharge and get some foooood. I still can’t believe they don’t feed people on a 5-hour flight!

Irene got a complimentary penthouse upgrade! Her room was perfect for some bachelorette party madness- complete with a jacuzzi big enough for 5 people, sauna and a bar!

We spent the afternoon out and about then went for dinner at Wolfgang Puck.

I ordered the sea bass- delicious!

After dinner, it was off to the bachelorette pad to get ready for some nightlife 😉

The next morning, we had an epic recap session then headed down the strip for breakfast.

Nail polish that changes with your mood!

While the rest of the gang flew in from NJ, we partied it up at Chateau..

“I didn’t know I was related to the Kardashians though..”

Chateau quickly became one of our favorite spots!

…Meanwhile back at the Bachelorette Pad…

While in the lobby I asked Irene if I could talk to her about something ..aka totally stalling while all the girls (by now there were 12 of us!) made their way up to the suite. It was time for the big surprise!!

Later that night…

Day 3:

“The buffet is that way.”


Only Carla would bring over a banana from the buffet hahaha

One of my favorite parts about Vegas was being able to legally drink in public. I took my mimosa to-go!

We headed to Palms for a pool party

And the night time madness continues!

They were filming COPS!!!

I ran into Latoya outside of Tryst! We worked at Disney World together and she lives in NYC now, but of course I see her in Vegas- smallest world EVER! ❤

The next morning we dragged ourselves out of bed for The Grand Canyon =D

It was such a beautiful place. Who knew all my favorite colors existed together?!


It was the prettiest place I’ve seen in a long, long time..

That night we went to BOTH Jack in the Box & In N Out for dinner!

=( poor ice cream cone

On Monday morning, it was time to go. We were off to the airport then back in NJ…

I had a blast. Irene, you’re going to be such a beautiful bride. I love you! ❤

‘Til next time!

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