I went with Tanya, Joseph and Kyra and Denney to see Emmanuel and The Fear

I really enjoyed the show!

The next day, Mandy, Joseph, Donna and I met up downtown…

A bunch of us headed back to Joe‘s place and even Belkys met up! It was so good to see her ❤

After that, it was off to the SNAKE DEN~

It was only a matter of time before Billy was tattooing Adam. It was the same King drawing he worked on in my previous post w/ a lil extra rad 😉

So while Donna assisted Billy…

…Belkys and I entertained ourselves =D …I played music and she fell asleep hahaha

“Dam, we in Sonic, it’s like Happy Days!”

On Sunday the 13th, Mandy and I worked Day 1 of the Toy Fair at the Javit’s Center. Specifically for Elf on a Shelf. So cute!

This guy asked me to put on the flash lol Coooooool!

Miss America, thats cool lol

Day 1 was a blast! Afterwards, I told Mandy how I’ve been wanting to check out Piccolo Cafe in the theater district for some time now and for good reason! The food was delicious and the place is adorable..

Day 2 was Valentine’s Day!

It was a looooooong Valentine’s Day.

To make up for Valentine’s Day (or lack thereof), the next night Mandy and I went to get some sushi. Conor met up too and after some sake, we found ourselves at Kate’s Joint visiting Sarina =) I also ran into Omar there – so random.

I was so happy to get this in the mail from my cousin Irene and her fiance Kevin! Congratulations! =) I can’t wait til next month, we’re going to Vegas for her bachelorette party!

The weekend of the full moon was a great one. I met up with the gang alittle late because I was with the fam- which was totally worth being late for. When I finally got to the city, we had no idea what we would be doing or where! …But we all know that doesn’t actually matter since “all you need is a few good friends”…

The Babysitter’s Club

Yup. On Saturday, Billy tattooed me too! I wrote ‘ZIGZAG’ and he made it happen. I love it!

After the tattoo session was the Japanther show in Newark! It was SUCH an amazing show! The vibe was great, the people- it was really one of the best shows I’ve been to in a long time.

After the show, (and that crazy race on the highway) we went over to Conor’s place and I captured another one for the ‘Bill is Sleeping’ collection…

Donna helped too.


The next morning, we walked down to my favorite cemetery…

I spent the rest of my weekend at our clubhouse in Lodi. President’s Day was super chill.. We painted, tattooed, made food and watched movies. Mandy even paid a visit!

Photo by: Mandy (of course, can’t you tell?!)

Adam came by too!

I painted:

“It kinda looks like Conor.”

and Rosie..

This week has been a busy one, but I’ll have to tell you about it next time.
Adios amigos,

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