“So, we meat again.”

Went to an art show last week at the Con Artist Gallery…

I’ve been doing a lot of hanging out at the Anstantanople February home in Hoboken…

Bill and I went to the Mint & Serf show:

We ran into the Cait of Open Air. It’s been so long!

I havent seen Zoe in fooorreverrrr…

And Liza!!! ❤

The next day we got up early, had a tattoo drawing competition (iLost) then headed over to Prospect Park to see Conor rock the Winter Jaaam..

Pat, Conor’s friend, is Drew and Ben’s roomie! The world got a lot smaller on that train ride =D

Billy was pretty psyched on his two-dollar bill.

Ryan picked us up and we were off to New Brunswick for Rita’s birthday party…

Love these guys ❤

Rita was so happy to see Bill hahaha

I wouldn’t go to Rutgers without seeing my lil bro! DUH!

It’s always a treat seeing Saunders =) He’s one of my favs.

College towns/parties are kinda weird tho..

A couple of us walked over to Saunder’s place and crashed there. The next day, my lil bro picked us up and we had breakfast at the Hungry Peddler hahaha It was great =)

Hungry Peddler ova here!

Blueberry pancakes and HEAVEN…

After breakfast, Bill, Drea, Conor and I went to see my bro’s house in Somerset. It was Puppy Bowl Sunday, but I just stayed home and caught up on sleep. It was a crazy weekend.

Shout out to TOC!!!

On Tuesday, I helped Jono Pandolfi shoot some of his new pieces. They were all amazing. I came home that afternoon and was motivated to paint!

I also made these lil dudes =)


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