J. Tower had a loft party::

Mandy and I went to Albert Watson’s photo show at Milk…

After that show, I headed over to Jersey City for another show- Anstantanople’s secret show ::SHHHH:.

Don’t forget your ticket for the Bamboozle break contest on Jan 30th!!! All the info is on the Anstantanople Facebook page. They gotta win so come and go go go go go go!

I went to dinner at Wolf & Raisin’s and it was wonderful =)


Mandy, Conor and Pearse met up then we headed to Barcade

The next day, I had a quick shoot in Chelsea with Rodolphe Baras…

After the shoot, I met up with Bill, Donna, Peter and Mandy- we drove down to Philly for the weekend.

We went over to Fluid ‘cuz Questlove and Q-tip were djing

The next morning, we left the hotel and had some brunch..

French onion soup dumplings- delcious!

A s’more and cheesecake dessert! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

😉 Shout out to Conor for introducing me to Vanilla Chai…

I finally met Meghan. She gets the Chillest Person in the World Award ❤ It was so rad to meet you, Meghan!

Today was pretty cool, I worked for L’Oreal on the Dr. Oz show. The best part though, was hanging out on the SNL set with the rest of the models.


Ps- Happy Birthday Simon, love ya! ❤

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