black holes and baby universes

I went to see Raekwon at Mountain Creek with Conor. All the artwork the ADHD crew did is still up =) It made me really happy to see it after so long. I didn’t take any photos of it though =/

oh thank heaven for ..24/7? hahaha only in jersey!

Can’t wait to make everything I own the same color as my blood – tie dye!!! Thanks Mandy ❤

Sunday night was ladies night with the TOC crew (minus Drea! we missed you, girl <3) Amanda, Sam, Donna, Amy, Mandy and Meagan all came out! Bill came too. Ya know protect us! We got some sushi and sake then walked over to the Angelika to see Blue Valentine. It was so great seeing Michelle Williams on the big screen again. I CAN'T WAIT to see her as Marilyn Monroe! Anyway, The ending was very sad.. But I enjoyed it overall.

::::::PRESS PLAY::::::

Dream house much?

Gave my sneaker speaker a little update. I can’t wait to take it to the beach! .. It’s gonna be a while though..

on Tuesday I took a walk around NJ before the storm hit..

Over the frozen river and through the hood…

“When I was a kid I used to think clouds came from there too!”

“On a scale from 1 to 10, how tempted do you think I was to buy this?”

Nik Nak of the Day: (To add to my collection!)

That night, I was in the city to enjoy the snow storm. It was SO much fun!

Snowball fights with strangers, snow angels, hopping on the back of snow plows, drawing on cars, sliding down the streets – it really was a total blast!

We had a Jeff Bridges movie marathon all day today! I’m officially a fanatic.

Don’t forget to get your ticket for the Bamboozle break contest and support ANSTANTANOPLE!!! My pal Drea is on vocals and their music kicks ass!

see you there!
-Rosemary, CALL ME CRAZY

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