on the hill top drinking blood, in the ghetto on the run

Last month, I went to see Fun with Veronica and Emily. I was so excited because I didn’t get to see them at Bamboozle. I’m glad they played some Format songs too.

After the show, I headed over to Dumbo to visit Tanya..

A few days later, I hung out with Brianna and Joseph at Darkroom…

Then I met up with The Snake (Adam) and his two friends… it was business as usual for him!

That weekend, I was in Jersey with the gang which is always a blast. I went to Tatiana and Camillo’s house-warming party then to Kyra’s surprise party at Melissa’s house…

“Donna, he’s not a cat.”

It was the start to a great weekend. The following night, I went to Brooklyn to dubstep the night away!

I’m totally going to print a zine called ‘Bill is sleeping.’

I went to Sarina’s Christmas party with Olivia..

The Snake djed at the Lamp Post…

I spent an afternoon in Lodi at Drea and Bill’s new place. Drea dumped out a bag of some of her old jewelry… We couldnt help ourselves.

I tried the new fries at Wendy’s, we went to Cedar Grove, Harold cut his finger aaaaand Brockway came home for the holidays!!!

“Bill, try this new Whipped Lightening flavor. It’s strawberry. You like it?”

Straightened my hair in time for Christmas/The Snowpacolypse of 2010

I had Christmas with the fam ❤ It was lovely. I couldn't wait to get out of the house though. Cabin fever is soo real. I spent a lot of time in Jersey and on the 28th, everyone was at Home Sweet Home for Brockway's big bash =D

After I kicked Brockway’s butt in a snowball fight, we headed to Monster Island in Williamsburg and jammed…

This photo pretty much sums up New Year’s Eve for me ❤

Drea and Bill got my Christmas card =)

We wrote to Ant in jail.. We all drew things we wish we could send him, four loko included.

On New Year’s Day, Brockway and I went to see Pee Wee Herman on Broadway. It was so rad! I absolutely loved it =)

I went to see True Grit at Bam in Park Slope with Mandy, Bridget and Brockway. I’ll love any movie Jeff Bridges is in at this point. The way they spoke was hilarious!

On Monday night, I was at the Lincoln Center to see The So So Glos and Japanther.

Japanther only got to play two songs because a riot broke out hahaha so punk.

I was sad on the 4th, but it honestly felt good to get back to reality. Vacation is officially over.

Wednesday night a bunch of us got together for a sick jam sess.. I had a lot of fun =) Xavier took most of these pictures.

I’m still pretty beat from the holidays and stuff, but 2011 is off to a really, great start!

See ya there,

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