I used to be a disco ball, now I’m a lava lamp.

Danika finally came and visited from St Marten. It’s been 3 years! I missed you so much, girl! It all started at the Vice/Nixon Art Mosh…

The bathroom was sucha perv!


After the party, we headed back into Jersey for Jono’s birthday party.

Ray and Kobz having a threesome with this can of 4loko………………

Thanks for letting us crash!

The next morning..

My room…

We headed back into the city…

Walked over the Williamsburg Bridge to see Food Stamps play at Glasslands Gallery =)

The show was great then it was time to hit the streets..

TOC Picture of the Day:

I’ve been assisting Jono Pandolfi with some really great pieces for Anthropologie. You’ll be able to see them in the stores, but here’s a sneak peak =)

I’ve never worked with ceramics before. It’s been so, so fun! I really enjoy the art studio environment.

Shana was in town from LA!!!!!!!!!

We went to the Gourmet line event at Bloomies…

We had ourselves quite an adventure. It was great seeing you, Shana! I’m coming to Cali to visit soon, promise!

Justin, Terry and I went exploring…

The 24-hour Superchief party was so rad! I was there for the beginning of it then came back to catch the end..

Last Sunday, I was at Garret Mountain with the gang. My first time!

My poncho is really the stealing the show, right? It’s kept so many of my friends warm =)

I’ve been hard at work preparing for the Hoboken art tour next month. Make sure you stay tuned for those details!
See ya there!!
-“The girl with the ‘fro”

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