I’m thinking about changing my name to Crayon.

No manners>>>

Of course, the weekend after Summer was officially over Pentax sends me back my fixed aka brand new underwater camera.. a lil late there, buddy.

Fashion Night out was on Friday. (Duuuuh, you already know.) I managed a NY Jets promo at South Street Seaport then met up with Mandy in SoHo!

First stop: CHANEL

Then Burberry, where Ramona performed…

Ran into our fav Six Sick chica…

and Peter Oasis outside of Penguin..

We made a stop at Miu Miu to see Spencer…

SoHo was basically a madhouse.. BUT it wasn’t until after Rag & Bone that I was really ready to leave..

Because Halle Berry showed up!

We made one more stop at Oak then I headed to Brooklyn for Tanya’s birthday party =)

I had so much fun ❤ Happy Birthday, Tan Tan!!!

How can you not have fun tho? Check out the vibe/love:

We ended up leaving pretty late…

Aaaand the next night, a couple of us went to a Manhattan College party in the Bronx.

Good times, good music and an epic afterparty @ Donna’s… ‘Cept for the part where I realized I lost my wallet. Oh well.

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