Summer’s Grand Finale

A bunch of us went upstate for a weekend at Mandy’s cabin. Her great great grandparents built the house. It was pretty amazing.

Check out the sick orb haunting Maggie in this picture hahahaa

After settling in, we wrote letters to serial killers in jail, told scary stories, drank whiskey, made jewelry and had a glorious snacking session.

I had to do a little bit of editing here…

The next morning, we went to get the ‘necessities’ then got into our bathing suits and headed to the lake. I was surprised at Mandy, she’s got more nature know-how than I would’ve ever thought!

I made this =)

And before it got dark, we went for a walk around the lake.

We all had a sip of water from the springs. It was actually the most delicious tasting water I’ve ever had.

We saw a little boy fishing… This might be my favorite picture ever:

The next day, 3 more buddies showed up to join the fun =)

Breakfast then fishing. Maggie caught a fish! Of course, she always catches something!

After fishing, we went out on the lake. It was alittle windy, so the canoe wasn’t cooperating.

It was SO funny watching them go in circles…

Ant rockin’ my sweater..

We brought the others to drink from the Fountain Of Youth…

It was the best Labor Day weekend I ever had ❤

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  1. the jump video rules

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