Efrain, my big brother, got married in Puerto Rico!!

I got to Old San Juan two days before the wedding, so there was a lot of work for us to do.

The day of the wedding:

We kept Anamar and Efrain in separate rooms.. which was harder to pull off then we thought!

Us bridesmaids + maid of honor skipping to the ceremony..

Manauris and his epic speeches/shout outs. I think he gets it from his mom. Hi Tia Lupe!

And here they are together ❤

Everyone really enjoyed the pastor’s message..

It was getting dark, so we headed over to the reception..

My lovely lady cousins! Helen, I know you’re not my cousin, but YEAH YOU ARE! Hahaha!

The first dance…

After Helen caught the bouquet, a crazy dance battle broke out!!!

We all danced until it was finally time to go home. Congratulations Efrain and Anamar!!! ❤ And get home already! hahaha

The next day, Irene and I had (ahem) mojitos for breakfast and did some souvenir shopping.

Three cars and one trip to Walgreens later, I was at the beach with all my cousins! Finally!

The next day, 26 of my family members (including me) went to a small island off the coast of Puerto Rico… We took a ferry there and it was about a 45 minute ride. Most of us forced ourselves to fall asleep so we wouldn’t get sick!

My mom passed out..

Mom and Dad documenting… I wonder where I get it from.

Out my window…

On my seat…

After getting back to San Juan, a couple of us met Anamar and Efrain for dinner at Raices.

And the next day, my li’l younger bro Foz, his gf Jill and I went to the Bacardi Distillery for a tour and some cocktails!

By this point, most of our side of the family had gone home. We spent the last 2 days with Anamar’s family =)

Amber ditching me at the table..

Deep fried cheese cake a la mode ::DROOL::

We didn’t really sleep that night. Our flight was at 6am the next day, which means, we were at the airport by 4am. Or maybe it was at 4am? Anyway, I was beat… but sure enough, when I got home Donna and Drea scooped me up and we danced to Chromeo in the rain ❤

I missed all you guys! Congratulations again to Anamar and Efrain! Hasta luego a Puerto Rico tambien! Que me diverti mucho!!

One response to “DAMAS Y CABALLEROS

  1. this is awesome.

    congrats to your fam.

    [and that shrimp looks sooooooo good.]


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