I made you a cookie, but I eated it.

The week before I left for Puerto Rico was the best week of the entire Summer.

Hung out at TK and Amy’s

(Photos by TK of Food Stamps)

I helped open the YRB store at Garden State Mall for 2 days. It was fun working with Drea and Kobz =)

They brought over some vintage Faro stuff hahaha

Reunited some old friends..

Hit up Fort Tilden then went to see Fantastic Mr. Fox in Hoboken with the best of the best ❤

On Friday the 13th, Donna, Brockway and I went down to Chrissy’s beach house on LBI.

Everyone knows you can’t be DTS and not visit Saunders. We happily made a pit stop at Burning Monk in Toms River to watch him get a cheech wizard tat.

Woke up to the ocean…

Then from LBI to wonderful::

From wonderful to wild…


The cops are here, pretend you’re sleeping!

And back to fun again…

HAHAHA literally, cracking up as I update!

I’m pretty sure Sam, Donna and I turned into kittens that night. It was so fun.

When I came home the next day, Slash yelled at me for being gone the entire week =(

That night, I left for Puerto Rico.
Stay tuned for that!!

3 responses to “I made you a cookie, but I eated it.

  1. i’m a creeper and i love when you post pictures up. slash is adorable. and i did not know that YRB is in GSP now. go figure! welcome back rosie.

  2. you crazy gurl!! i’m so glad people actually look at it! ❤ the yrb is pretty tighttt, you should def stop in there. ps- it was rad seeing you at meat locker that night!! shouldve snapped a pic with you!!! next time ;D

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