some people aren’t human

Well, Mandy moved to Park Slope and being the greatest pal on the planet, I helped her on Day 1 of the painting project. We got a lot done!

Jackass feat. Slash:

Tattooing at Chris’s

….this post turned into a 4Loko advertisement pretty quickly.

Yea, I really do love group pictures.

On the 17th, we gathered bridesmaids and friends for some pole dancing! I hope you had fun, Anamar ❤ I can't wait for the wedding in Puerto Rico! It was such a fun Bachelorette Party =) You'll have to stay tuned for the real juicy photos 😉

We had dinner afterwards and Anamar opened some gifts. It was all laughs!

The next day, it was back to work at Mandy’s. This time, we had more hands!

By the end of the night, we were so beat. After everything was done, we listened/sang along to every single song on Mandy’s iPod then we went and sat on the roof. It was such a nice night =)

My mom showed me this photo of my dad:

And this newspaper clipping from 1981 when my uncle (who I never met) got shot at a bar in Ecuador…


It was SO much fun!

Met up with sweet ol’ Brynn =)

And after the show of course we went to the beach! It was my first time being at the beach at night.

…And a couple days later, I was back at Tim’s pool with the gang ❤

Donald, you’re quickly becoming one of my favorite humans!

::product placement::

JP found a cricket! It seemed to really like Sam, but who doesn’t! ❤

The next day, it was finally time to give Luca the skateboard I painted for him a LONG time ago. I’ve been using it as a shelf. It was his 21st birthday at the Orange Bowl. Perfect!

Loved seeing some old faces!

Hope you had a good one, Luca! Enjoy the board =D

Went to Fort Tilden again!

A couple days later, I met up with Tatiana. She just got back from Columbia. I missed her!

We waited for Monica to get out of work. She’s hilarious!

That night, I made another mix cd for Mandy..

I worked an event for the grand opening of Lowes in Brooklyn at 7am ::yawn:

My dad wanted to throw my brother a bachelor party at the house and there were no women allowed soooooo my mom and aunts dressed up two of my uncles as women hahahaha it was sooo funny! My uncle kept saying “I’m Carla and he’s Gina!” hahahaha

That night, I headed over to Newark to see Drea’s band In Other Words and Jovi’s band Last Minet.

Thanks everyone for singing happy birthday to me at midnight ❤ And a special thanks to Jovanna for yelling "VIVA LA SANTA!!!" afterwards LOL I'm still laughing about that.

Bachelor party left-overs, dad?

This was on a chair in the yard after my mommy cut me a cake. I think it was a tj maxx bag? Either way, I had to take a photo. We miss you, TJ ❤

After cutting a cake at my house, Donna and I went back to her casa. Her lil bro JP is moving to Peru for a year to go to pilot school, so she had a going away/birthday party for us! Party at Donnaaaaa’s!!!!!

We were in the middle of a Taylor Swift dance party when Mandy and Drea walked in. Nuff said. It was a BLAST! We’re gonna miss you, JP! Be safe, lil bro!!!

Mandy, thanks so much for this sexy new camera!! I love it so much! XO

Yesterday was all about oldiiiiies! Drea and I met up then went over to Mandy’s to get ready.

I didn’t want to leave.

I had a great time! Thanks everyone who came to celebrate my birthday ❤

Love ya, Simon!


PAT BENATAR!!! Rosemary Gonzalez

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  1. happppy birthday! toot toot!

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