come and open up your folding chair next to me

My photos for the Collection B shoot came in the mail =) Here are some of my favs:

The passed couple of weeks have been so much fun. I love the summer.

Efrain (my big bro) and Anamar are getting married this August in Puerto Rico. Anamar had both our families over for a Bridal Shower. It’s always great to see the fam 😉

I painted this cute face on a circle canvas Foz (my lil bro) gave me a while back. It was inspired by a hole in my bathroom wall. No lie. It looked like this face. It was where 3 nails used to be.

I went to get my wisdom tooth pulled and this was outside of the dentist office. Ps- I only got one taken out and that tooth is SO ugly. I’m glad it’s not a part of my body anymore!

The line for that Cake Boss spot in Hoboken gets more and more ridiculous every time I pass by. I remember when you could walk in there and get a cake quickly, easily and for a LOT cheaper haha They’re def making baaank.

I had an EPIC (for lack of a better word) 5 days. It all started with Drea’s birthday. Bare with me though- I lost track of the order in which any of this happened.

The day after Frida Khalo’s birthday, I made this and wore it to Tim’s pool party.

Brockway and Andrew scooped a couple of us up and headed down to LBI on a super whim. It turned out to be such a fun beach day/day in general/night!

Aren’t these great?! A couple of my friends painted it in Williamsburg one afternoon. To find out more info about the events that will be going on every Saturday CLICK HERE I’m looking forward to hitting it up for some free shows and good times! It looks amazing.

Been working this Wii event down by Liberty State Park. It’s been fun!

Go Skate Day @ KCDC

Well, seeeee ya thurrr ;D

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