SSHHHH.. the princess is sleeping

Superchief and Party Expo got a bunch of the gang together to paint the walls at Party Expo in Brooklyn. The space pretty much rules. Mi amiga, Stephanie Monfort gave me a grand tour while the boys took over the walls on an entire floor.

I even did a lil something 😉

I spent two weeks watching 5 kids in Cherry Hill, NJ. Nuff said.

I came back for a weekend to do a photo shoot for Collection B. I can’t wait to show you guys the photos =) I got a sneak peek and they’re great!

I met up with Mimi too =) It had been a while! Aramis, Mimi and I did some shopping and even ran into Omar. Small world, indeed.

It was a nice afternoon. I really dug the All Saints store on Broadway.

Terry in Mandy’s fridge:

Donna about to get a “HELL BOUND” pirate ship tattoo:

Saw these at The Renegade Craft Fair. I go every year =)

Walking the Williamsburg Bridge into Manhattan

seeeee yaaa theeere!

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