After a day in Soho working on the Pretty Powerful Campaign for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, I went to Brooklyn.. But not before a pit stop @ a Mister Softee truck + Mandy’s job (Jean Shop).

The Food Stamps show was a lot of fun =D

A couple days later, I made these up for Donna – just like mine!

I worked a Canadian Club Whiskey Promo for 2 days. It was a little bit intense.

TVs in the bathroom mirrors whoaaaa

I had an art show in Ridgewood. Here were my favorite things at the show:

laundrryyyy haha

Jimmy’s shoes started as an accident. I think they look better now!

A coffee break 😉

A bunch of us went to Sandeep’s thesis group show at Parsons…

Paperclip waterfall

Me, Drea, Jovanna, Zuri and Chris headed to Philly for a day to see Circa Survive and Coheed & Cambria. Jovanna was cracking me up with this hahaha

It was so funny hahaha

Of course, stopped at Pat’s for a cheesesteak…

I wanted this soo bad..

Lady in reeed hahaha ❤

A few days later, Mandy and I hit the beach! We went to Coney Island. Tanya met up with us too =)

stay tuned for more summer fun =)
see ya there!

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