I invited Mai to see Justin Bieber with me for MTV. There were only 24 of us in the crowd – a very private show. It was cute. I don’t know a single Bieber song, but I figured he’s one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) pop singer right now soo might as well, right??

Same night, went to a Hot Tub Time Machine screening with Gina, Ant and Terry. It is HILARIOUS.

My etch-a-sketch masterpiece

Party at the Food Stamps HQ =D

This picture is SOOO “DTS” (down the shore)

This is the 666th photo I’ve taken with my camera. Just thought I’d throw that out there hahaha

DON’T wear triangle shorts.. or pants?:

DO go see Brand New with a good pal:


Next Day: Bamboozle Day 1

Me, The creepy 6flags guy and Helena


Then off to Hackettstown:

Bamboozle Day 2

Matt and Kim <333


Cinco De Mayo!!

Worked the Oprah Marathon for Pretty Powerful/Bobbi Brown Cosmetics


Made another mix cd for Mandy

Modeled the Jean Shop/Redkin event

Hit the thrift shop with Mandy, Donna and Jess

Caitlin Dollface Mew – TOC TROUBLE CREW!

Hangin’ at Mandy’s

Phew! That’s a lot of catching up! =)
See ya there!

One response to “CACATA

  1. This makes me really miss my old life. Have fun girl.

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