The word of the day is “Photoshop”

The last week of April – Me, Drea, Anne and Alice went down to North Carolina to hit the beaches, visit Drea’s dad and … well, get OUT of the city! We got there at 3am on Saturday night/Sunday morning.

The next morning (a couple hours later lol), we went to the beach!

Burrito names with double meanings:

We were on an island called Outter Banks, in a town called Kill Devil Hills. (Pretty rad) I liked it because it was more creative than “the lower east side” or “the upper west side” haha

…Had to write fuck, slut, skank and whore in the sand before we left.

After the beach,

We went to Outback Steakhouse like a nice lil family =) And after giggling our lives away, our waiter came out with Anne’s beer. She said it looked like a Homer Simpson beer haaa. Anyway, our waiter (James, John, Jeremy – whatever his name was) – He was a nice guy……………….. but he had a tongue ring.

I would never go to somewhere like North Carolina and NOT go thrift shopping. There were a couple gems!

Anne was about to practice her driving when we ran into Drea’s childhood family friends,

A Sunday night in NC is just as fun as a night in NYC. All you need are a few good friends! We invited over Drea’s family friends and they brought over their friends too. Unfortunately, these are the only two photos I took of our lil party hahaha

PS- His name is Lucky.

Next day, BEACH AGAIN!!!

Todd even came to hang for a bit =D

Love these two ❤

The water was SO cold!

We kept talking about how FUH-REEZZZING the water was…

All of a sudden, Ali got up and ran to the water!!

Wild child =D

We heard it was raining in NJ/NYC all weekend :: BUUMMMEERR 4_U

Feel better, Drea =(

After beach bumming it for the second day in a row, we hit up Brew Thru! ……….Yes, it’s at BEER DRIVE-THRU and they had Red Stripe Light!

Tipping is sexy!

I’m not sure why we bought beer? What we really wanted were some MARGARITAS!

The liquor store was kinda creepy.

The Mexican restaurant we ate at had these really cool tattoos in the quarter-machines… soo Drea and Anne took the cup of change in the car (normally for tolls) and got an entire sleeve or two. Pretty much.

We had to take pix of Anne with the cup because it said JEW on it and thats what she is!

Hahaha aww cutie =)

His and hers shot glasses

That night, we stayed in and watched bad reality tv aka amazing reality tv. We left the next morning aka 4am. This is a photo of the full moon – I was in the car haha

I can’t wait til the next road trip!
See ya there,

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