The Sun is a girl and the Moon is a boy.

Here are some extra photos from Philly with Mandy and Joseph. I forgot all about them, they’re from my phone…

I hadn’t been to Philly in two years and that week, I went twice! I came back with Bill, Donna, Robb, Peter and Curtis two days later. We spent the night. Check it out:

Billy’s heart was set on taking these photos haha so we did –

Robb made sure we all had Absinthe shots…

We left that bar for another and there- made a new friend. She was a man. She was lovely.


Donna reading us some bedtime stories…

Okay wait. So I took this photo of Bill at the hotel we stayed at…

THEN the next day, I took a photo of this billboard that looked EXACTLY like him LOL Right?!


The next morning, we made our way to those Philly cheesesteaks, duuh!

Lets just say, the journey to the sandwiches was better than they were.

We didn’t want to head home right away so we went over to FDR.

**Stay tuned for photos from North Carolina =D

See ya there,

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