My dog only eats caviar.

So last month Mandy, Joseph and I went on a day trip to Philly. It was St. Patrick’s Day, actually. I had no idea until the night before.

Mandy’s mom’s birthday was earlier that week, so we stopped to get her a lil somethin’ =)

When it came time to fill ‘er up, Mandy was the only one who knew the drill. Joseph and I were just kinda like DERRFFFF. We’re both from Jersey (I don’t drive) and in Jersey, we get our gas pumped for us 😉

This is where Princess Amanda grew up =) Isn’t it pretty?! I’ve been to her house before, but I don’t remember it being this nice =)

Mandy on the phone with her post office in Brooklyn:

She was leaving for Costa Rica later in the month and they lost her passport! NOT COOL.

Coco puff!!

After visiting the pets, we went to the bar DUUUH =)

AAAAnd few Potato Shots later, a woman came to our table asking if we wanted to go for a ride on the Jameson party bus… OKAY, LETS GO!

Mandy’s friend Lauren (Who makes amazing jewelry, btw) met up too =)

We even made the party bus stop at the car so we could feed the meter, they were so nice!

It was definitely the best St. Patrick’s Day I’ve ever had. No lie.
See ya there!

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