ice cream for breakfast

Wow. MARCH MADNESS indeed!!!

Last week, I had a photoshoot for Mizani/L’Oreal. Mizani is a line of products for curly hair.

The copywriter with an aNYthing tee 😉

These were the looks they were creating:

They documented the “steps”

All this talk about 90 degree angles and cutting and more stuff I didn’t know was involved with getting a haircut!

The lobby…

Plz don’t cut all my hair off 😦

I had never seen one of these before… It was like a fireplace for hair-styling tools!

I loved my make-up!

Getting “poofed”!

.. and when I got home, it looked like this:

Deflated lol

I was SO happy to be in my bed after such a long day…

The next day, my NJ necklace came in the mail!!! =D

I spent the rest of the week babysitting for Margot and Alex in the Upper West Side. They’re such good kids, I had a lot of fun =)

Alex had never heard the story of Alice in Wonderland so I read him this really cool pop-up book they had in the house.

He saw that I was taking photos and asked if he could take one of me with the racetrack he built =)

He wants to be a computer programmer. We talked more about building things and then he showed me his “Gadget Collection”. It was so cute, look:

After turning my hair back to curly, it took a little getting used to.. AKA I hated it.. Sooo I took out my scissors and VOILÀ!

You get the picture… lol

On Friday night, I met up with Corey, Robb and some other friends and headed down to Atlantic City for Robb’s birthday =D

The Borgata is really nice!

It was my first time in AC, but definitely not my last. I didn’t gamble this time around because honestly, I didn’t care to! lol

I came home and the next day was Efrain’s (my big brother) birthday =D

On Monday, Mandy, Terry and I went to the thrift store then to Epstein’s for wings, then to Darkroom to pick up Joseph THEN to Gallery Bar to hear Jah’s dj set. It was a fun day =)

and I headed back to Jerz and tried Chat Roulette for the first time lolol Doesn’t this guy look familiar???

On Wednesday, SHEENA!!! It’s been so long =D Mandy, Sheena and I walked all over Manhattan. We had some sushi and went shopping for make-up and then went to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D! Girlz OnLy! =)

Alice in Wonderland was really good! I wasn’t THAT excited to see it and for those of you who know how much of an Alice fan I am- that is probably hard to believe. I’m not sure when it was that I started losing my passion for the story, but I do know why. When I was younger, whenever I saw anything that was remotely based on Alice in Wonderland- I had to have it. I had to have it because it was such a rarity to find! Now, it’s everywhere! Especially with this movie out.. But yea, it just became boring to me. The movie definitely brought back my love for Alice’s adventure though! =) Go see it!

On Thursday, you would’ve found me in Brooklyn at Macri Park. Sandeep Bhuller was having a small show there. The place was cool and Sandeeps work is amazing, of course 😉 Joe talked all of us into getting our names in for the raffle lol and just before they announced the winner, Terry said, “I’m gonna win.” And he did! It was a box of YSL, Keihl’s and Armani products! So basically, I won 😉 The best part was when they called out, “Terry Something?” as the winner (because that’s what was written on the paper lol)

Last night was SO fun, but once again… the Hoboken police came to take it all away =(

Shot Girls was the only band to play and they were really awesome! =D

❤ KRISTEN!!!!!!!! And look @ Marisa hahaha

And the afterparty…

I’m so happy Bill & Donna are back safe from Peru! =D

The Girly Corner =D


I hope you’re all enjoying listening to this insane weather we’re having!

’til next time! speaking of time, thanks Mandy for reminding me to change my clocks tonight! it’s daylight savings time aka like you said, Mandy: “one step closer to summer!”

See ya there,

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