Lisa Bonet RULES!

It’s been a minute!
Here’s a (really long) recap to catch you up on what’s been happening =)

Ice skating in Central Park

::the buddy system::

For you, Sky =D

“Street Art” Haa

Spent a weekend at Nakie’s – I mean, Bill and Donna’s =)

Love you, Tatiana

Heaven cat =) (Nakie)

Came home to good ol’ Slash. This is him, mid-yawn hahaha Looks mad evil!

An old, stretched bottle of 7up?

STILL sorting ALL those photos from my last entry…

Spent a weekend at Wolf’s – I mean! Mikey, Safwat and Jeff’s haha I brought Wolf a new toy =)

Mandy brought over an OLD issue of Frank 151 with a “Faro” article. It was rad!

I’m not sure what we were watching, but it was WEIRD………

The movie made Wolf feel awkward =(

“Turn it OFF!.. Please!” hahaha

“I’ll protect you, Wolfy.”

The Bart Simpson iron-ons I ordered came in =)

Hung out at Kobz’s house and watched the superbowl. It was good to see him, it had been a while!

Started another one of the doll head pencil-holders =)


Hell yes!

It looked great. I ended up posting it on twitter and sold it right away. Enjoy, Brockway!!!

Ordering Sushi…

Bootleg hand tattoo…

A wall of fake I.D.’s

I finally got a new camera!

Mailing it out to Kentucky…

My fav =)

DJ Jesus Himself & Yrbrainondrugs

Adventure into Weirdo World

My mom brought me KR Kola from Dominican Republic 😉

Mandy brings Coco home =D

And thats that. I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting my blog alittle, but MAAANNN this weather really has me down =( Don’t get me wrong, I love the snow, but I can not wait until Spring! 😉

Stay tuned!!!

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