Palindrome Day – 01022010

Before the holidays, I went over to the Weehawken High School to give something to Spinosa. Efrain (my older brother) had given me a box of practice drum pads a while back. I finally got around to donating them to the WHS marching band. I know Mr. Spinosa is the Vice Principal now, but not when I knew him! =)

It’s always a trip being at the high school after so long. It felt like “home” haha Anyway…

“The Blizzard of 2009” was INSANE. I had to walk backwards down all the streets. Terry and I ventured out to Hoboken for the night to see Mike Brockway- who just graduated boot camp! Congratz, amigo =)

.. Safwat eating a chicken finger shaped like NJ ❤

Terry and I went to see Fantastic Mr. Fox (which was amazing, by the way) and he made the mistake of drinking THIS before the movie:

We’ve all heard of redbull and energy drinks but a “RELAX drAnk”???! Like what Lil Wayne drinks??? It made him pass out during the movie! He fought off the Z’s pretty hard. Also, it says to not drink 2 in less than 24 hours – scary.

Caught Slasher taking a nap under the Christmas tree the day after my mom and I put it up =) Cutie.

My mom made these (SECRETLY, I LOVE THEM lolol):

Like most Hispanic families, my family celebrates on Christmas Eve…

Christmas Day I helped throw a party at the Lex Leonard Gallery in Jersey City. Mike djed an amazing set and so many friends showed up! It was a great turn-out – better than I had expected, honestly… seems like everyone was trying to escape their family.

I stole these photos from Ivan Xavier Garcia ;D Hope you don’t mind!

It was SUCH a fun party. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! =) I went to see The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus with Mandy after Christmas. I didn’t even know it was out. So this is my second Terry Gilliam post in a row! It was so great seeing Heath Ledger AND Lily Cole in the same movie. I love her so much! … and Heath, well, if you know know how I feel about him ❤ ❤ ❤ It was a crazy movie, definitely go check it out. I've heard a couple people say it's "one of those movies you have to see twice to 'get'" which is completely true. It's wwaayy trippy duuuude haha

For New Year’s Eve, a bunch of us went over Chrissy’s beach house. This house was beautiful! Foz, Terry and I got ready/packed some extra clothes/waited for Chris then headed down to Long Beach Island.

At midnight, I used left-over rice to sing Happy Birthday to Terry hahaha

It was so late and he was still going strong…

I wish we stayed longer the next day.

I finally got a chance to give Nicole her Christmas present and when I was hanging in my room that night, she slipped this under the door for me =) I will frame it.

I spent a lot of New Year’s Day watching Glee – it’s a pretty good =) I may be hooked.

“HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!”

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