clever forever

Nik Nak of the Day:

I can’t believe Alfonso, my little brother, is 21! They grow up so fast =(

Mike and Alexandra just moved into their new place and didn’t have a table, but that didn’t stop the gang from playing a good old-fashioned game of beer pong!

aww pretty Donna =)

We ended the night with a killer jam session. The doorman didn’t like it though =/ or maybe it was the complaints?

The other night, Terry and I took a walk and saw some pretty INTERESTING stuff, check it out:

On Tuesday night, I met up with Safwat, Terry, Tatiana and Wolf =) at LITM in Jersey City for the Little Wonders show. It was a good turn out. We even bumped into Sean then Mike, Alex and their friends from Australia.

“Is that Chloë Sevigny?”

(I really need to get a new camera…)

I wish I could live in here:

Those reminded me of Mandy =)

… And those of Donna!

… Lately, I’ve been giving away a LOT of my old drawings/paintings. I need to make room for the new ones! Here’s a peek:

Also, email me at rosiesarered@gmail if you’d like to purchase any of the following – they’d make great holiday gifts!

Christmas is coming!

Don’t forget :: Tonight!

THE STOCKINETTE presents “Decay.”
581 Jersey Ave (at Third St)
In her latest series, DECAY, Tatiana Godoy frames brick and mortar with her lens, aligning texture, shape, and color into abstract compositions. The beauty she finds in old, crumbling buildings is evidenced by her photographs, which attract us aesthetically to that which we do not typically value.

See ya there!

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