I heard that smile coming a mile away

I got a chance to see “Canstruction” last week at the World Financial Center. They had artists make sculptures out of CANS for charity … Check it out:

I loved it! It was awesome to see what they created.


I (obviously) made that out of an old doll. My grandma it to gave me… I’m not sure why she’s still giving me dolls, but I think it put it to good use, don’t you think? Hahaha

The rest of the week was really chill.

Last Sunday was SO nice out, so I had a BBQ…

I figured it was my way of saying “goodbye” to Summer =( It was cool to have the gang together.

I finally got around to clearing out some old stuff… I couldn’t let go of my Polly Pockets though. I put them in storage.

I may as well share. These are my favorites; this is the treehouuuuse: =)

The city apartment:

The church:

The school:

The mansion:

Hahaha now that I’ve bored you to death or maybe got your attention 😉 Look what I saw!

Terry made deep fried deviled eggs for Meagan and Tristan’s potluck.

Turkey makes you tired, right Odin? =)


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