Yesterday I did some shopping with Mandy at a thrift store my mom is always raving about. 001Haha, we didn’t buy those but I thought they were rad, in VERY tacky way. The place is pretty cool, I may have to keep it a secret =X

After shopping, we ate at Ihop and Mandy left to meet Bromson. I headed home to drop everything off then meet Jovanna. It was the Tom Tom Magazine Photo Show & Drum Solo Party at Home Sweet Home last night. I didn’t get any good photos, but it was a great time. Tom Tom Magazine is all about girl drummers, so I thought it fitting to invite Jovs to come along.


After a couple drinks, Jovanna spoke with Mindy Abovitz. The next thing you know, there she was playing the drums at the event! Haha It was a lot of fun and she did great! I’m glad we went. We hung around for a bit then headed back to Jersey.

Today I got up early and went straight to work. I have a lot to do for October. Starting with The Jersey City Art Tour. If you’re reading this, you gotta come! =D


I’ll be busy preparing all week. Come find me at the Morgan Industrial Building (350 Morgan St, between Washington and Warren St) the entire weekend. Hopefully, the weather is nice since it is an outdoor event. There will be many different artists there. Maybe I’ll post a sneak peak of what I’ll be showing… weee’lll seeeee ;D

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