a message to pretty

Do you ever have those nights when you pull everything out of your closet and make a HUGE mess looking for an outfit? …That was me on Saturday. I think, Slash noticed I was freaking out lol. I ended up just wearing all black (which I never do). Thanks for the inspiration, kitty =) Mandy had a lil birthday party at Jacklyn’s place in Williamsburg.


002 Hahaha



We called it somewhat of an early night and I started my journey back to Jerzzz



Ugh, I got the Windows PC Defender Virus on my laptop. Thanks Foz, for helping me remove it. After I got home from Brooklyn, we were up ’til 5am fixing it ..and we did.

The next day (Sunday), I met up with Tatiana in Jersey City to do a mini shoot in Liberty State Park. I love it there- the boats, the run-down buildings.. the cyclists lol We had fun and did some catching-up. I hadn’t seen her in a little while! She’s definitely one of my favorite photographers. I can’t wait to see the photos!


That camera was really cool and HEAVY! lol



After shooting, I went into the city to meet Mandy for dinner and a movie =D We went to Big Daddy’s then saw The September Issue at the Sunshine Theater.

Grace Coddington is SO inspiring and passionate. I loved watching her the most.






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